What would you do if your business couldn't fail?

Can you imagine feeling
ALIVE while you build it?

I already know I want in!

My dear, I SEE you.


You work so hard, but deep down, something feels...unfulfilled. Stifled. And trapped.

You’ve climbed the ladder, worked 9-5 - because that’s what you were “supposed” to do. But every day, you know in your gut that you’re not on your soul path.

That something is missing.

And you are meant for more.

More authenticity, more freedom, more impact, and - if you desire it - more money. 

And yet...there’s fear. Because you don’t know how to create the business you dream of, and you worry that even if you DO “succeed”, you won’t be able to do it sustainably - day after day, year after year.

But now - in 2021 - you feel adventure calling.

You know it’s time to free yourself

  • from a career that doesn’t speak to your heart
  • from self-imposed limitations
  • from uncertainty
  • from overwhelm
  • from comparison 
  • from the mask you hide behind 
  • and from loneliness

You know what’s important to you - and you’re ready to go after it.

It’s time to rise up as the leader you know lives inside you.

To bring your gifts to the world through a passion-fueled, abundance-magnet of a business. One that sustains you - energetically, and financially - and that you can sustain. Day after day, year after year.

Because what you really desire?

Is to feel free. Energized. To float out of bed each morning, inspired to serve your people, and illuminate your unique voice.

 You desire financial flow that matches your vision, not just your effort. A life where YOU are in control, and prioritize what matters. You’re ready to work hard, but you also want to rest well - and oftenAnd you don’t want to do it alone.

You desire to be witnessed, supported, and aided by entrepreneurs working in this new paradigm: one of abundancesustainability, and support. And held accountable by those who are genuinely invested in your success - not just as a business owner, but as a person too.

So close your eyes, take a deep breath, and imagine...

Feeling alive and energized - all the time - because you’ve built your business around cycles of intensity AND rest.

Having the superpower to create offerings you know - with 100% certainty - will sell.

Being financially free - even in the early stages of your business - because you’re getting paid to create your offerings.

Attracting exactly the people you desire to serve - because you’ve connected to them as your most genuine, true self (and they love you for it)

Knowing your business can scale to whatever heights you desire - because it’s rooted in deep authenticity, sustainability, & understanding of what your people need.

Receiving deep support & loving connection from a community invested in your success - for your business, and as a complete person (because you’re more than just an entrepreneur).

Expanding what you think is possible - by mastering your own limiters, and masterminding with other brilliant entrepreneurs committed to growing together.

So, my dear...if you’re ready to feel like this in 2021, I invite you to catalyze your adventure with


A 9-month experience for entrepreneurs who desire to build passion-fueled, life-changing business for the long-haul - without burning out.

It’s a business accelerator, a high-touch VIP mentorship with accountability, personalized coaching & support through implementation, AND a community of driven business owners determined to have it all: passionprofits & sustainability.

You will learn to...

  • Use your powers of INQUIRY & INTUITION to make sure your business ALWAYS feels in alignment
  • MAGNETIZE your perfect customer by marketing from a place of deep authenticity & love (not fear)
  • Design powerful, transformational offers you know with 100% certainty will sell (and scale)
  • Organically build an audience that adores you - and seamlessly move them from new friend to committed customer
  • Build your business around cycles of REST, to keep yourself nourished, inspired, and energized for the long-haul.
  • Form deep connections with entrepreneurs like you - and ASK for & RECEIVE the support you desire. Because you are not alone in this changing paradigm - and we grow better together!
  • Get paid for everything you create - before you create it
  • And so much more!

TBB is a wonderful fit for you if…

  • You’re dreaming of a business, but you don’t know what yet OR You’ve started a business, but haven’t created the abundance you desire (whether that’s meaning, money or momentum)
  • You don’t want to “hustle” your way to success OR You have been hustling and you’re just plain TIRED of it You feel like there’s never enough time to do “all the things”.
  • You want to do less with more impact and more SPACIOUSNESS.
  • You believe that we grow better together - and you’re READY to receive the support you know you deserve
I want a Bulletproof Business!

What’s so different about The Bulletproof Business?

Nail It, Scale It

TBB is the only program out there that deep dives into how to pick IDEAS that sell - BEFORE wasting time trying to market & scale. Rachel’s tried-and-true market research techniques (honed with Fortune 100 companies & startups for over 12 years) are SO effective, they’ve even helped TBB-ers choose completely different industries for their businesses - and people LOVE this part of the program.

Need proof?

"Because I’ve done (the market research), the confidence I have in my product & service is through the roof.”

Kaisa K

"My business idea is way different from the idea I came in with, which I attribute to the big, ongoing successes of good listening to needs (via market research) and feedback from my 1on1 test runs (which, in themselves are a big win bc I wasn't sure I had the skills to do that and now I know that I do)"

Ayelet F

"The market research part was unique and I'm shocked other programs don't do it."

Stephen F

Rest, not Hustle

The foundation of TBB is that your business has to SUSTAIN you - and be sustainable for you to run. And that means never burning out, ever. So we focus extensively on how to fill YOUR cup with energy - and to reduce your energy drains - so you can feel good every day, and show up in every aspect of life as the person YOU want to be. AND - TBB is designed to give YOU intentional breaks - while still keeping you moving towards your goals. Trust us, you’ll actually get there faster - and land with more energy :)

Need proof?

"Your focus on building a business that works for YOU, and doing it without a mad amount of hustle and burn-out resonates with me so much. I felt right at home from the first module :) When you first told me (in one of our first calls) that "you can build a business that serves you, so if you don't have a lot of time now, let's build a business that you can do with the time you have." At that time it was a revolutionary moment and thought for me :) Like OMG is that possible?? No 24/7 hustle and grind? Hehe.”

Kaisa K

“Continually reminding me to take care of myself and my mindset was great instead of asking me to just work harder and burn out.”

Stephen F,
Finney Financial
I am so ready for a business that suits ME

Sisterhood, not Competition

We believe that we grow better together - and that entrepreneurs (especially women) were never meant to succeed in a vacuum. We succeed faster - and with more fun - when we are supported by like-minded people with the same goals, and approach to sustainability - because this is MISSING from the entrepreneurial space today.

That’s why TBB is designed to provide DEEP support from your circle - with co-working partnerships, and live “circles” to bring us all together.

Need proof?

"The [Femmamind] partner has been KEY. To share insights but also to relate to on the struggles. The community has been supportive and seeing their wins makes me realize it's all POSSIBLE.”

Liz K

"There’s a level of understanding & empathy that we have. (Before TBB), I didn’t think I fit in any box. No one could understand what I was trying to do and it was SO lonely."

Sarah H
I am so ready for a business that suits ME

You will emerge from TBB with…

  • A sold, fully created offering - that has been tested, run through beta, and scales.
  • A brand voice that resonates your unique, transformative power - and an audience to hear it. 
  • Belief that you are deserving, and a container to celebrate your wins
  • Clarity around their your purpose & how to bring it to life
  • Illumination around what really matters, and what your people really need. 
  • Connection to how your people desire to - and will - transform. 
  • Confidence & courage to do the hard things - knowing you can handle any outcome, within yourself, and with the support of your community
  • A sustainable paradigm and “pace”, aligned to the natural rhythms of the earth. 
  • Ability to access your inner wisdom via intuition - guidance from what is already inside your, and the tools to ask the right questions, at the right time
  • Empowerment to decide what is right for you in your business at any given time - and not rely on what others tell you the path is.  
  • Sisterhood with other like-minded entrepreneurs who will hold you as you walk your path 

100% of our TBB community has SOLD their offer by the end of IDEATE (Phase 1)

I can't wait to have my offer SOLD!

Liz, a seasoned meditator & mindset master, experienced powerful shifts in her clarity, mindset & confidence level. She secured her first paying client within a couple of months, and most importantly, learned she can do ANYTHING.

Here’s what you get when you join TBB:


We’ll spend the next 9 months together diving into the exact steps you need to launch & grow a sustainable business you KNOW will succeed (and...pssst...you’re going to make $$ while doing it)

You’ll have customized mentorship with weekly opportunities for us to speak live, so you always feel empowered and certain on your path.

You’ll meet monthly with me and our community in our VITALIZE & RISE circle, where we’ll explore advanced leadership teachings & deepen our connection to each other. You’ll leave these feeling energized & supported - they are not to be missed! Our members often find these to be the most impactful part of TBB - because we firmly believe you should NOT walk this journey alone!

You’ll have 24/7 access to the membership portal (that grows constantly) with the step by step strategy to develop and launch your offering, then build out the brand & marketing foundations you’ll need to scale (and so much more...from sales pages to marketing on social to templates galore)

You’ll work with a dedicated “Femmamind” partner (think masterminding from both the mind and the heart, with deeper support & connection). You’ll be thoughtfully paired with a TBB member on your track, with structured monthly working sessions to keep you growing better together. This is where SO much of your wisdom and insight will be activated, for both your offerings and your personal growth. Chances are, you’ll leave with the start of a life-long “wisdom council” - crucial as we grow more powerfully when we can leverage the gifts of others, especially when they’re different from our own.

9 months of access to our private Facebook community - this is where you’ll come to ask time-sensitive questions, share successes & receive support through challenges, and network with our dears in TBB.

“Lunar Living” calendar - This is the underpinning of how we run The Uncorporette, and is foundational to building a business with cycles of rest. It’s our secret to focused progress, balanced with deep restoration (i.e. “the burnout buster” :))

Tools & templates galore (from market research, to offering design, to social posts, sales page design, and more)

Social posting schedule & templates to share your voice with the world

A Sales methodology to quickly grow your audience & create sales

Website flow & copy - that speaks to & converts your people from a place of love, rather than fear

New practices & rituals - including energy management, sleep, compassion, mastering limiting beliefs, & creating supportive structure in their lives

Knowledge of how to use the power of inquiry - with yourself, and your people - to listen, pause & pivot throughout the life of your business

9 months of access to any paid, live workshops offered by The Uncorporette (outside of TBB)

“Early bird” pricing on new program releases from The Uncorporette

I want ALL of that, I want in TBB!

"I loved the weekly "course material" - things I could watch, learn, and work through that made me feel really productive and helped give everything a structure."

Ayelet F

In The Bulletproof Business, we work in three phases:


In this 12-week incubator, you’ll discover your true purpose, and take your idea from dream-seed to SOLD.

100% of our TBB community has SOLD their offer by the end of IDEATE


Build your offering live - and paid - by your first group of customers.


Give your brand a voice - and an audience to hear it.

(Note: Phase 4, ACCELERATE, is coming later in 2021, and will focus on building systems for scale & amplifying income through “invitation calling” (think of this as the sustainable version of what you may know as the Live Launch Method.)


I'm in!

Inside TBB, you’ll choose from 2 tracks: Intensity, or Flow

You’ll choose Flow if…

  • You’re a brand-new entrepreneur & have never sold your offering
  • You’re still working a full-time “day-job” and have <10 hours / week to devote to your business
  • Your energetic “capacity” is lower at this moment in time (don’t worry, we’ll work on that :))

You’ll choose Intensity if…

  • You need to fast-track your financial flow
  • You have a tested offering that’s currently making money
  • You have an abundance of time & capacity to devote to your business (~10 extra hours / week)

There is spaciousness for you here - and you can move from Flow to Intensity (or vice versa) at any time.

I'm ready to choose my track!

I KNOW your passions can be profitable, because...


I used the TBB method to surpass my VERY healthy 6-figure corporate salary...my very first month in business

In fact, I got paid $16k to create my very first offer - and The Uncorporette was profitable within 3 months, despite investing SIGNIFICANTLY (think, tens of thousands of $$s…) in my business.

You don’t have to burn out to build your business. I used the Bulletproof Business Method to launch The Uncorporette during COVID, with my son at home, while working full-time. Hustle isn’t sustainable for anyone long term...which is why TBB will show you exactly how to realize your vision, while still enjoying the rest of your life.

The Bulletproof Business Experience...

  • Will help you gain complete confidence in your offers, your potential as an entrepreneur, and your ability to create balance while “doing it all”.
  • Will give you a business & marketing strategy skillset you can use anywhere - whether that’s corporate or entrepreneurial - with any niche, any business idea. Think, rinse and repeat.
  • We’ll build the foundations for a “bulletproof” business that you KNOW will both sell and scale - using techniques for validating ideas with customers that I’ve honed for over a decade, and my signature “Listen Pause Pivot” Method.
  • Will connect you to other, like-minded entrepreneurs in our community. It’s not a Facebook group, it’s a deeply connected circle invested in your success & wellbeing, where each and every member is committed to helping you grow WITH support!
I want the Bulletproof Business Experience!

When Sarah brought Poppylist, her tech startup, to TBB, she didn’t have a clear vision for the business. 12 weeks in, she’d found a co-founder, clarified her “Big Why”, and learned how to scale without burning out.

Here’s what our 9 months together will look like:


The Bulletproof Business is a holistic experience that provides both comprehensive business & marketing strategy AND the practices you need to execute it all without burning out. By building a sustainable foundation, your business will stand the test of time - and evolve as your customers inevitably will.

Activating Your Inner Entrepreneur

Creating Space for Your Business

Picking a “Bulletproof” Business Idea

Designing a “Bulletproof” Core Offer

Making Your First Premium Sales

Running Your “Beta” (i.e. getting paid to build your offer) 

Crafting a Brand Identity to Authentically Scale

Selling Organically on Social Via High-Converting Posts & Relationship-Building

Setting up Your Sales Engine, Part 1: Your Website & Email List 

Setting up Your Sales Engine, Part 2: Launching a Profitable Facebook Group

Foundations for Scaling with a Team / Outsourcing

You’ll also receive these tools and support…

  • Weekly growth call for personalized support and Q&A

  • Monthly VITALIZE circle to deepen connection & explore advanced teachings around business strategy, sustainability, & heart-centered leadership.

  • Accountability, support through implementation, daily access M-F

  • The official TBB meditation library - custom-developed to help you crush mindset barriers at each step on the TBB journey 

  • Copywriting training & personalized feedback

  • Business strategy training & personalized feedback

  • REST week each month without coaching calls - because, as you’ll learn...the secret to a successful business? It’s cycles of REST - not hustle.

I want a Bulletproof Business!

Let me show you everything you’ll receive if you decide to join TBB:

  • 9 months of access to The Bulletproof Business training portal & materials (this is constantly growing & being updated with new trainings)
  • Weekly growth calls 
  • 9 months of access to our private Facebook community 
  • “Lunar Living” calendar 
  • Tools & templates galore (from market research, to offering design, to social posts, website design, and more)
  • 9 months of access to any paid, live workshops offered by The Uncorporette (outside of TBB)
  • “Early bird” pricing on new program releases from The Uncorporette
  • 9 months of Business Mentorship with Rachel ($25,000 Value)
  • 9 months of the VITALIZE & RISE leadership council ($5,000 Value)
  • 9-months of Femmaminds with structured co-working sessions ($9,000 Value)
  • Plug and Play Marketing Assets including sales page templates, emails, social media posts, and more ($5,000 value)

As my gift to you, you will also receive: ($5000 Value)

  • GIFT #1: Access to the Activate your Inner CEO training (where you’ll step over the threshold from employee to business leader). These insights from my years as CEO at Lionheart Software, The Uncorporette, and as a business leader at large tech companies will change the way you think about your business, and super-charge your ability to own your persona as an entrepreneur. ($1,000 Value)
  • GIFT #2: Access to the Marketing Planning training (where you’ll learn how to create savvy, sustainable marketing plans for any business model, timeframe, and marketing channel. Why is this important? Because technologies change, timelines change, and what you desire from your business will change. The ability to approach your marketing strategically & fluidly is absolutely key for long-term success as a business owner.) ($1,000 Value)
  • GIFT #3: Access to Alison Reeves’ Facebook Group Quickstart training (Alison, one of my early coaches, has generously agreed to share this pivotal training with TBB. She made $200k the year she left her corporate job, using her small Facebook group as her primary source of revenue - and her quickstart method is simple and effective as you prepare to ACCELERATE). ($2,000 Value)
  • GIFT #4: When you pay in full, you save $900 compared to those who pay with the monthly plan - LIMITED TO THOSE WHO PAY IN FULL


Total Value = $49,000

Total Exchange = $7,200

Or 9 Payments of $900

This is exactly what I need!


I'm Ready!

Book a Call


Book a Call


TBB + Transformational Mentoring

If The Bulletproof Business feels so in alignment, you already know you are ready to go deeper, you may be called to add EMERGE: Transformational Mentorship to your experience.

I take very few 1x1 mentees - and TBB is so rich as is, most of you will get exactly what you need and more from the core program. But if you are feeling the call to deepen your experience, here’s how you’ll know:

  • You crave transformation at a deep level - and you desire someone to catalyze you, witness your growth and hold space for you as you evolve.
  • You’ve done some personal or spiritual growth work - and you’re really intrigued by the thought of going deeper into earth wisdom & the divine feminine (or, you have no idea what those are but want to find out...how do they connect to entrepreneurship?)
  • You’ve chosen the Intensity track, and desire more support to amplify your success while still sustaining yourself.
  • You’ve chosen either track, and desire more support with the actual implementation of each phase (e.g. writing copy together, deeper analysis of what your people need, etc.)


If we work together in transformational mentorship, we will:

Meet at the beginning of the month to see where you are personally & with your business, design customized supportive & growth practices to take you to the next level, and work through implementation together (1.5-2 hours for the first month, 1 hour thereafter)

Meet mid-month for a check-in (30 minutes)

Connect with each other throughout the month on Voxer (M-F, 9-5)

You will also receive a special gift from me, with some of my personal treasures for deepening on this journey. I won’t spoil what’s inside, but you’ll want to create space for the unboxing to be a decadent experience :)

Exchange: $3900-$6500
(3-5 months - we will design the right length for you during our first call)

If you feel this is right for you, please apply here. I can’t wait to see you EMERGE!

What is it like to work with Rachel?


"I invested in another $8k program, at the same time as TBB - and the coach had a different approach, much more lax, less structure - which is actually harder for me to implement. I typically do really well with defined frameworks I can follow - and that’s TBB."

Amber F

If you’ve made it this far, you are SO ready for this adventure - and I celebrate that in you! I see you - and you’re ready to trade-in the burnout for a solid business foundation to sustain yourself and scale.


I'm ready for my Bulletproof Business!

Here are a few other FAQs we get a lot:

Hi, I’m Rachel!


I’m a business strategist & sustainability “wisdom advisor” and I LOVE helping entrepreneurs build businesses without burning out.

My superpower is deep listening - and turning what I hear into gold.

I’m so excited to meet you, welcome you to the TBB family, and work together to grow your business over the next 9 months.

Fill out the quick application, and I’ll see you inside TBB!


I want to work with Rachel!

"(A month into TBB) I’ve sold my offer 9 times and have a premium customer. I’ve created a fabulous brand and website that is 100% professional and impressive."

Ashley S.
I'm ready for the business of my dreams!