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Practicing Abundance When Life Feels Scarce

Apr 30, 2021

Abundance Mindset in Business & Life

There’s lots of talk about “abundance mindset”, and “money mindset” in the business space. 

And the “Successful” business owners? Make the “switch” from scarcity to abundance sound really, really easy. As if, wow, here’s this one simple thing you didn’t know you were missing - and if you just flip this switch, everything you desire in life will come really, really easily to you.

In fact, I’d go so far as to say that those of us who feel scarce right now? Feel GUILTY about it - because the prevailing chatter is around how we SHOULD feel instead.

I feel like this doesn’t honor the cyclical nature of life.

We have seasons of abundance, and seasons of scarcity. Summer vs. Winter - we simply can’t always be in summer.

And sometimes? When we’re in summer, something will happen that plunges us into scarcity - think of an infestation of pests in a field, a summer hailstorm that destroys a crop. This HAPPENS in nature, and it happens in our lives (even though we like to think we’ve evolved “past” nature, the seasons, and the earth’s rhythms. Guess what: we haven’t, and Mother Nature will always make sure we know that!

What we CAN do during winter, however, is to “practice” what it feels like to be abundant - even if we don’t today. And this not only brings us closer to abundance, it actually helps us HEAL whatever plunged us into scarcity to begin with.

Today, we’re going to explore just what ABUNDANCE is. What it means to you, how you can approach abundance in your business & life, and where you might have “scarcity leaks” that are allowing abundance to slip way from you. Then, we’ll go into exactly HOW to “practice” abundance - even when you’re feeling scarce - so you can literally be & receive the abundance you know you’re meant to have.

My Story: Seasons of Abundance with The Uncorporette

When I started The Uncorporette, I was in a season of abundance - a “high summer”, as we call it.

I was killing it in the corporate world, making great money. I was healthy, strong and fit. I had wonderful friends, a strong family, and tremendous security despite COVID sweeping through the world.

I started the business, and made $14k in my first 30 days. And it was EASY. The abundance simply came, and I wasn’t working like crazy (even though I was still employed full time, and had my kiddo at home).

But then? In the midst of that high summer, I got pregnant. Big surprise? Not really….I was in a state of abundance! Of ease, creation & fertility.

What DID come as a surprise was how tough my first trimester was, and that I lost my baby around 17 weeks into the pregnancy.

Suddenly, the hailstorm hit - and the “abundance” flowing through me? Was ripped away.

I felt empty inside. Not just empty, traumatized, sad, and vulnerable. Incredibly scarce.

And creating from this place was NOT natural. It did not flow, and ultimately led to my decision to take a sabbatical. Because rather than trying force abundance from a place of scarcity (which just isn’t possible), I know I needed to heal my inner wounds BEFORE stepping back into abundance.

It’s like the field after a hailstorm. You can’t expect to plant right away.

You have to clear the debris, lovingly care for the damage, and re-fertilize. Only THEN can you plant - and even so, it takes TIME for new crops to grow & bear full fruit.

This is natural.

So let’s talk about what “abundance” looks like for YOU - and how you can step into claiming what you desire.

A Metaphor: The “River of Abundance”

Imagine abundance as a river. It’s always flowing - unless something gets in the way, like silt or rocks. And even though the flow is there, there are still periods of “high tide”, and “low tide”. Look at the Nile - it overflows its banks to fertilize the soil in spring, and recedes in the winter.

So, I’ll ask you a few questions:

  1. Today, are you in the “flow” of high tide or low tide? There’s no “wrong” answer.
  2. Are there “rocks” in your river? 

Let’s get real here. There’s NOTHING you can do about the season. That’s nature, not you.

You CAN, however, do 2 things:

  1. Remove the rocks from your river (“scarcity leaks”) - because these get in the way even during “high tide”.
  2. Practice your desired state during seasons of scarcity

We’re going to talk about the “scarcity leaks” first, because they’ll impact you regardless of your “season”.  But first, let’s define what “abundance” looks like for YOU - because contrary to popular belief, abundance is NOT just money :)

Step 1: What does “Abundance” mean for YOU?

Close your eyes, and visualize an “abundant” life. What does this look / feel like for you? What’s in your “river”?

Don’t use numbers, focus on feelings, senses & experiences:

  • Time with my kids where I’m fully present
  • Beauty in my surroundings - a rich mountain forest, tropical beach sunset.
  • Rich, verdant nature & a strong connection to it
  • A community of support that holds me
  • A team I can depend on
  • A rich future for my family
  • A feeling of “divine flow” that’s always moving, never stagnant 
  • The sense that I’m part of something bigger than myself

Step 2: Where are your “scarcity leaks”?

Now that you know what your “river” is made of, let’s find the rocks.

In other words, what’s holding you back from living in abundance? Receiving abundance?

These might look like:

  • Wounds about money (money makes people do bad things, I don’t deserve money, I’m not good enough to receive it)
  • Fears of scarcity 
  • Blocks around receiving
  • Fears of safety. 
  • Limbic system dysfunction. If you’re stuck in a trauma state, you literally can’t receive abundance - because if you have to run from a tiger, you literally can’t take anything with you. So, while some of “abundance” work is about mindset, some is actually at the nervous system level, and some is at an energetic level. Ultimately, if you feel “safe”, you open to abundance. If you feel “worthy”, you’ll allow yourself to receive.

Some inquiries:

  • Where do I decline support? 

  • Where in my life could I allow myself to receive more? 

  • How do I feel about receiving? Guilty? What emotions come up? 

  • What core beliefs / wounds / patterns are holding me back?

  • Does money feel “safe” for you?

  • In what ways do you feel worthy / unworthy?

If “fear” is coming up for you, or trauma, you can:

  • Work with hematite, ground more, spend time in nature and allow yourself to open to that abundant energy. Requires healing on a cellular level.
  • Get out of “fight or flight”

Step 3: Release abundance blocks & heal scarcity wounds

The assumption: You are ALREADY limitless abundance.

This is your baseline state.

But over time - due to conditioned beliefs, traumatic experiences, and the abdication of our control, we unintentionally “block” ourselves from that flow of abundance.

We “gum up” the engine of the Ferrari. You’ve always been a Ferrari, but before you can operate at high speeds, you have to clean out the engine.

You’ve always had access to your raw power, but you have to take care of your machine, and “tune it up” to its desired state. In other words, stopping dropping rocks in the river. Let the water flow.

Before you can “feel” abundant, and “be” abundant, you have to release the rocks, and heal the “wounds” that are left over (because those rocks leave an impression in the river bank).

Some options:

  1. Mental: Bryon Cady’s “The Work” - Is this true? Do I know that for sure? If this wasn’t true, who would I be? What state do I choose instead?

  2. Energetic: Where is this block stored in your body? What memories does it bring up? How can you send this “block” some healing? What does it want you to know?

  3. Emotional: Osho dynamic meditation OR destroy a dead tree (for releasing anger / grief / frustration)

Step 4: Reroute the River by “Practicing” Abundance

Now, it’s time to “reroute” the river by “practicing” abundance. Once you remove the rocks, the river is going to flow differently, and it may need to carve a new path. This also takes time.

So we “practice” abundance - regardless of the season - using visualization & powerful emotions.

Visualize a future scene - say, 6 months from now.

See, in your mind’s eye, what your “abundant” life looks like.

This scene should include something delightful that would be challenging or impossible for you today.

Visualize everything & describe it out loud, from what you’re wearing, to how you feel in your body, to what you’ll be able to do.

Really FEEL the emotions - try to give yourself “the warm fuzzies” through this visualization, and remember that EMOTION is key!!  

Emotion is the MOST powerful way to rewire your brain - it’s why our strongest memories are of either traumatic or euphoric experiences. Your brain takes a crisper “picture” when it’s in a heightened emotional state.

To speed up the process, stimulate neuroplasticity by changing lots of simple things in the environment & by PRACTICING. 

And last of all, remember that it takes TIME for the brain & the energy field to shift. At least 30 days, ideally 3-6 months. 

Step 5: Allow Yourself to Receive

Start small - micro-actions, 1% shifts. 

Maybe it’s outsourcing dinner one night a week, hiring a babysitter, or simply asking a friend for some help.

So, let's re-cap the process:

5 Steps to "Practice" Your Abundance / Money Mindset - Even When You Feel Scarce

  1. Honor your Scarcity.

  2. Discover Your Abundance Blocks

  3. Release the Block & Heal the Wound

  4. Rewire & "Practice" Abundance

  5. Allow yourself to receive.




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