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Divine Feminine CEO Podcast (Episode #14): Honoring Your Rhythms - Why Life Away From Perfect is Your Fastest Path to Healing & Growth

Jun 15, 2021

It is not always summer. You don’t always have to be “perfect”. You should, however, know your rhythms, and honor them - extensively.

In this very special episode, I explore what it means to live life away from "perfect" - as we all do at times - and why this is your fastest (and most powerful) path to healing & growth.

Tune in to hear...

- Why it's normal to have seasons of "abundance" (summer) and seasons of scarcity (winter) - and you shouldn't judge yourself for the latter

- The dangers of benchmarking our lives by "summer"

- Why we often miss the deep gifts & beauty of life's more challenging / scarce moments - and how to discover them within yourself

- The ways we avoid doing the inner, transformational work that unintentionally "turn off" our flow of abundance

- A 3-step process to turn challenge into deep healing and growth (mindfulness, inquiry, grace). 


Resources I mention:

- Parenting from the Inside Out (Daniel Siegal)

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