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Divine Feminine CEO Podcast (Episode #50): Praising Our Power Mothers

Jan 25, 2022

The Power Mother. We all know her.

She's the one who presents like a boss on Zoom, breastfeeding in the background, with very little sleep.

When she has her kids, she gets a major upgrade. 

Unlike the Phoenix Mama, her core identity doesn’t change - so instead, she “shifts” the systems in her life to work with her kids. This makes Power Moms pretty amazing at improving the world for the rest of us. And we need her!

Curious how the Power Mother lives within you?

In this episode, we'll explore...

  • Why Power Moms have the super-skill of "integration"
  • How she shows up in her career after kids
  • Where Power Mom gets into trouble (hint: it's over-committing)
  • Her #1 practice for staying sane

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