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Divine Feminine CEO Podcast (Episode #9): Practicing Abundance When Life Feels Scarce

May 27, 2021

Successful people make "abundance" seems so easy...but when life gets challenging, it can feel really, really hard. So how do we "practice" being abundant when life forces us into a place of scarcity?

I know from personal experience that when we're living through tough times, it's reallllly hard to feel "abundant" & to receive success with ease. But if you look at social media, you probably think everyone around you is living in constant abundance.

That's just not true. The reality is, sometimes we experience loss. Challenges. Money troubles. Sickness. Name what's present for you.

And I'm committed to normalizing the true normal - YOUR true normal.

This episode is an in-depth training on how to "practice" abundance (i.e. receiving wealth, feeling whole inside, etc.) even when life happens - so you can honor what you're experiencing at any given time, while still growing in a way that feels right and resonant.

In this episode, we'll explore...

  • How the Earth cycles through abundance & scarcity, and why we - as humans - will too.
  • Normalizing the "ups and downs" of life - and releasing the expectation that we should always be "up"
  • Honoring our "seasons" of scarcity
  • How to practice abundance when life feels scarce - so we can receive it with ease when the season shifts

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