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Divine Feminine CEO Podcast (Episode #56): Why Moms Need Soul Work & Community--Interview with Julie Wolk

Mar 15, 2022

Julie helps expert coaches, consultants and healers synthesize their most powerful work into intimate, transformational group programs – without over-giving or undercharging. She's a firm believer that at the core we are village creatures and that well-facilitated groups with a clear and inspiring shared purpose have the power to connect, transform and heal in a way that individual work simply cannot.


A lifelong nature freak, facilitator, founder and coach, Julie’s been creating group magic for 20+ years through the design and facilitation hundreds of group programs, events, retreats, festivals, and workshops. 


She also has a chronic illness and a toddler, so she’s a total expert in streamlining, strategizing and finding the simplest pathway forward.

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