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Divine Feminine CEO Podcast (Episode #51): Self-Loving Productivity - Interview with Sophie Chiche

Feb 01, 2022

Before we birth our kids, we're used to "doing it all".

But once we become mothers, we find we have LESS time, LESS energy, and LESS capacity.

So how do we stay "productive" without burning ourselves out?

How do we remain successful, high-achieving, powerful women - in a way that feels authentic for us now?

Because let's face it. Motherhood (especially for entrepreneurs) is a balancing act between what we love, and who we love.

So that's why, this week, we're talking with "self-loving productivity" expert and mega-successful entrepreneur Sophie Chiche, of beCurrent.

Sophie Chiche is a psychologist & entrepreneur with a deep interest in transformation. Motherhood being one of the most obvious ones. But as any Power Mother will tell you, having a baby did not stop her from founding companies, writing books, producing a documentary about her 200 pounds weight loss.

In this episode, we'll explore...

  • Why motherhood (should) change the way we approach "productivity"
  • The connection between taking on too much and our inner wounding
  • The importance of asking for help
  • How self-loving productivity helps motherpreneurs “break the chain of self-abuse”
  • Productivity as a gateway for our purpose

Find more about Sophie here:

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