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Divine Feminine CEO Podcast (Episode #48): The Connection Between Trauma and Limiting Beliefs

Jan 11, 2022

Sometimes, we have to go deep to uncover the source of our limiting beliefs. This is why we work with trauma, and shadows. They are truly our greatest portal to healing.


As an entrepreneur:

  • What’s really holding you back from stepping onto the public stage? Is it lack of time? Or is it something much, much deeper?
  • For example: I was always reluctant to receive help - even when offered - because when I was a kid, I was praised & got attention for doing things well / independently. I felt chastised when I messed up - this leading to a lifetime of shadows of perfectionism & resistance to receiving help.
  • Trauma doesn’t has to be losing a child. Our brain - especially our young brain - can perceive seemingly innocuous events as threats, and that gets hard wired into our psyche.


This is why, when I take women down the path of finding their power & purpose, we go BACK to the crucible. Because these events shape us in powerful ways, both shadow and light.


That’s also why very successful leaders & entrepreneurs all do shadow work. This is how we excavate our limiters “at the root”, as my mentor says. It’s why I’m training in addressing all 4 levels - mental, physical. Emotional & spirit.


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