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Divine Feminine CEO Podcast (Episode #49): Healing the Mother Wound--Interview with Kerri Hummingbird

Jan 18, 2022

“Motherhood brought me to awareness of myself and my ancestral inheritances by observing my children. It opened my heart with agape love and has made me committed to healing myself and my ancestry to make a better future for my children. This has become my purpose... to be a mother, healer, curandera...for my family and others in the world.”


  • Tell us about your motherhood “initiation”, and how it awakened you to your wisdom.


  • What is the “Mother Wound”, and why do we need to heal it?


  • The journey to standing in & speaking your truth 


  • The roles others play for us so we can evolve as souls. Sometimes we think that person is wrong in their behavior, yet from the soul's view, they're doing exactly what's needed to catalyze your transformation.


  • How our children are mirrors that reflect back ourselves


  • Switching perspectives to see through soul eyes rather than human eyes.


  • Stepping out of rescuing our children and instead empowering them to make mistakes and thrive through the mess.



  • Awakening intuitively after pregnancy
    • Had a superpower of empathy that got awoken when she had a baby
    • She knew things that couldn’t be proved by science
    • Intuition 
  • The journey to standing in & speaking your truth
    • How being an advocate for another humans awakens all the places you aren’t advocating for yourself
    • When a woman steps into her power, she becomes a disturber. Results in conflict, not belonging, being excluded or shunned.
  • The Mother Wound
    • Keeping women in their place. It takes courage to change the paradigm.
    • Sometimes it takes a child to bring you to that place
    • “He was my awakener”
    • How judgment arises - inquiry of “who’s fault is this?”
    • Children as our mirrors


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