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Divine Feminine CEO Podcast (Episode #46): Hearing What Your Body Has to Say -- Interview with Erica Ziel, Mothers' Fitness Expert

Dec 28, 2021



Erica Ziel, mom of three, is a FDN Practitioner, certified personal trainer and Pilates instructor, deep core and pre/postnatal exercise specialist whose mission is to help women live a healthier life and heal their body through movement, wellness, intuition, and breathwork. Inspiring women to regain hope but also experience true, life lasting results. Erica is the creator of The Core Rehab Program, Knocked-Up Fitness® membership, and host of The Core Connections Podcast. 


MotherChange Type: Power Mother



  • I've essentially been an entrepreneur since I was 14. 
  • My business evolved since initially starting personal training programs when I was 20.



  • Tell us about your story. How did you come to this work?

Talking Points:

  • How our body is always trying to communicate with us
  • How pregnancy / motherhood “turns on” our intuitive wisdom
  • The power of slowing down ( to listen & find the lesson)
  • Belief that you can heal your body - do you believe?
  • What we hang onto in the body & what bubbles up emotionally 
  • Why Core Rehab is a brain training program. How much comes from the brain vs. body?
  • How has motherhood impacted your entrepreneurial journey? How have you used your power of “listening” to hear what’s in alignment for you?
    • **Pregnancy & motherhood has been a great “teacher” for me to look inward - and that’s rippled out through the rest of my life.

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