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Divine Feminine CEO Podcast (Episode #45): Resting in the Dark of the Year

Dec 21, 2021

*A sigh of relief as the power went out. No more stimulation. Just deep, deep rest. Peaceful. There’s less “pinging” our nervous system.


This is what winter does for us.


The power goes out. 


And we go within


Here’s what happens in winter


The power “goes out”


No more sun


We go within. 

We work with our INTERNAL element of fire.


To release.

To rest.

To restore. 


So that in January, we can rejuvenate.


You can look at “losing power” as a positive, or a negative. It’s all how you WORK with the shadow. B/c your shadow is your greatest portal to light, if you treat it that way. 


Here’s how you approach December:

  • After Thanksgiving, we go into release
  • Stop starting new things. Pick 1-3 things you feel you SHOULD finish by EOY, and focus on those. 
  • They should include self care things. Get a haircut, clean your office. What do you need to feel GOOD?
  • After Winter Solstice, we’re in deep rest. Until the first new moon in January. Do nothing. Journal. Vision. Go into deep rest.
  • December 18th - January 2


Join me for January visioning! Email, or go to


If you missed the reflection ritual, you can still get the recording. Go to

  • Celebrate what you’ve done & who you’ve become!

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