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Divine Feminine CEO Podcast (Episode #38):Becoming a Wealthy Woman: How to Find Freedom with Your Finances as a Woman in Aligned Business-- Interview with Leslie Kuster

Oct 26, 2021

Can you honestly say you LOVE money? As women, we all grow up stories about money - how much we should have, what money says about us, and what we're supposed to do it.

And this week's guest - 7-figure entrepreneur Leslie Kuster - overcame hers at the age of 55. Learning how to truly LOVE money - and weave this into her feminine power - helped her skyrocket her business, and find true fulfillment.

In this week's episode, we'll share...

  • What "money stories" are and how to overcome them
  • The difference between wanting and yearning for something
  • What shifts when you truly learn to LOVE money
  • Why women need to invest in themselves to find success with ease
  • How much I personally am investing in growth this year - and why I'm doing it :)
  • Leslie's top tips for becoming a wealthy woman - at any age!

Here's where you can find Leslie:

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