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Divine Feminine CEO Podcast (Episode #37): Ritual, Ceremony & Rites of Passage

Nov 02, 2021

Has anyone ever celebrated your POWER? Have you been recognized for your wisdom, your contributions, or who you've become - in front of others? When you slow down to nourish your body, do you do it with reverence?

Most of us haven't...because we've lost the art of ritual & ceremony.

In this episode, we'll talk about why ritual, ceremony & rites of passage matter deeply for modern women - and how bringing it back into your everyday life can build your energy, your confidence, and your impact as a change-maker.

  • How ritual allows us to slow down & celebrate US
  • Why ceremony matters in an everyday, non-religious context
  • The real reason ritual is so supportive for moms
  • 3 simple "everyday rituals" you can start using today

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