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Divine Feminine CEO Podcast (Episode #25): Rewiring Limiting Beliefs

Aug 05, 2021

Spring isn't just a time of rebirth & renewal - it's also a time of shedding. In this episode, we'll explore the power of "detoxing" your body, mind & soul.

We'll talk about....

  • Why we have to release our “dead wood” before we can create something new
  • The potency of this time of year for detoxing - physically, energetically & mentally
  • How to leverage the power of destruction, to create your ideal reality
  • A powerful process for releasing outdated thought patterns
  • Creating "containers" for emotions that aren't serving us
  • How to re-wire limiting beliefs, using the power of neuroplasticity in the brain
  • My story: How I used this exact process (and the power of my mind) to heal my gut
  • Why YOU have the ability to liberate yourself at any given moment - and how to access this gift within.

Are you ready to step into the role of CREATOR of your existence? This episode is a must-listen for those ready to release the old, burn away victim identities, and take control of what's already ours.

As promised, here are the resources I mention in the episode:

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