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Divine Feminine CEO Podcast (Episode #16): Turning On Your "Sovereign" CEO

Jun 22, 2021

What does it mean to stand in your own power?

Last month, my son turned 5. And I'm seeing him stand in his own inner sovereignty in an entirely new way. I no longer have “Control” - like baby proofing the house, as he claims his own inner authority. I have to “surrender” & realize that my own inner sovereignty means NOT trying to control.

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • What is “sovereignty”? How do we claim our own inner “power”?
  • How to know when you’re (unintentionally) giving your power away
  • Recognizing distorted power 
  • Claiming what’s authentic for YOU
  • Making authentic decisions from love (not fear)
  • Using JOY as a “litmus test” for whether you’re in your sovereignty
  • How to avoid the energy drain of “expectations”  
  • Finding your answers within (even when it’s tempting to look to others for an “easy” way out)

How do you know when your power is distorted?

  • When we’re trying to claim what’s not ours
  • When we try to exert control over a situation
  • When we lose our sense of center because we’re knocked off our own
  • When we operate OUT of love

What is AUTHENTIC for you?

For me, this month, it’s…

  • LOVE VS. FEAR: Honoring my healing process - which I’d like to be faster (love is honoring what’s true - love is the portal to abundance, where “pushing” out of fear or expectation is a “contraction”, it shrinks our energy). 
  • DRAIN / AUTHENTICITY VS. EXPECTATION: Realizing I need to hire help. It’s not authentic for me to be a full time mom - and I need to be willing to receive that help. Inauthenticity is trying to do “all the things”, rather than the things that truly call to us.
  • INNER AUTHORITY / SOVEREIGNTY: Looking within for the answers around what I desire to do next with my business, rather than listening to umpteen podcasts & consulting many experts about what to do next :) 

Ask yourself, in your life…

  • Where are you operating out of FEAR (not love)? Really examine the motivations behind what you’re doing. If you feel joy, it’s probably love.
  • Where does your energy “drain” out?
  • Where are you GIVING your power away - either through energy leaks, inauthenticity, or fear?


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