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Avoid Social Media Overwhelm by Knowing Yourself

May 14, 2021

I have an open head center, in human design.

In human design, this means I have no “filter” around the information I process, and the ideas my mind wants to consider.

On the one hand, being open-minded is a gift, but when I am in my “not-self”, this means I get very easily overwhelmed.

Particularly on social media.

Does that ever happen to you?

These days, I log onto Facebook and I see a few “top-level” “themes” popping up:

  • Make money in your coaching business, hit $10k months by magnetize f your dream clients
  • Use your human design to get on your soul path 

And while I align with, and agree with, some of these themes, when I see them over and over again, I start to think: We’ll I should be helping people make $10k / month (which I could).

And I should be teaching human design (which I’m studying for myself).

But here’s the thing.

When we focus on OTHERS' leading edge, what THEY are promoting, THEIR message, we lose our sense of self.

Even if “the thing” they are selling seems amazing and perfect and exactly what we / everyone else needs, which it ISN’ you.

So. My lesson learned from an “open” head center is this.

Know yourself. Tune into yourself - constantly. 

Know what makes YOU truly you.

  • What do YOU stand for?
  • What’s NOT ok with you in the world?
  • In your perfect reality, how would YOU fix it?
  • How are you fixing it already?

And, most importantly...if you could be in service to something bigger than you, how would you like to serve?

At the end of the day, no one has YOUR answers.

No one has the “one” framework that’ll do it all, that’ll be the magical silver bullet.

Not human design, not a particular marketing method, not XYZ journaling prompt or meditation technique.

Actually, one person does - and that person is YOU.

So know yourself. Listen to yourself. And tune out that which doesn't inspire or elevate you.



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