Hi love, I'm Rachel!

In a world that ignores the way we "initiate" to motherhood, I empower high-achieving mothers to claim new gifts, power and purpose.

It's time we start talking about these initiations of women - and how birth, motherhood & pregnancy loss change us. 

We wake up intuitively & creatively. And transform from our Type-A, Grade-A, Straight-A selves into heart-bounded, soul-awakened wise women - who need a new calling, and a new lifestyle that "fits".

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Meet Rachel

I'm a Shadow Mother (take the quiz!) to 3 girls, Phoenix Mother to Gideon, & CEO of The Uncorporette. I'm also a Yale-educated business strategist, with years of training in spirituality & feminine leadership.

And before I became a mom, I did all the things "right". I went to the Ivy League, rocked the corporate ladder, made great money, and married an even greater guy.

Then, I became a mom...and everything changed.

Initiated by Death, Awakened to Life

At age 27, I lost twin girls at 20 weeks.

At 28, I birthed my son - and quickly woke up to all the ways my life wasn't working for me.

At 30, my husband became chronically ill - and suddenly I was breadwinner, caregiver and more.

I had to do it all, while somehow feeling good, but there was no "roadmap" for how to thrive as the new me!

"I was a newly sensitive, deeply wise, empathic spirit woman - who was still smart, driven & fierce.

But I also had new priorities - and I needed a life to match."

-Rachel Loewenherz

The MotherChange System 

Now, I guide high-achieving, soul-inspired women through their mother initiations to discover who they are, what they need to feel good, and what work they're called to now.

C R U C I B L E  

Claim your new gifts as a mom & honor who you were before.


Activate your unique self-expression & build your natural confidence.


Fill your "energy cup" with sustainable earth-based & feminine practices.

P A T H 

Discover your soul's "big work" in the world. Bring it to life with a business.

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Align Your Life to the True You  

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