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2021 is a new age for entrepreneurs. Hustle is out. Sustainability, community, and meaningful success is in.
Rachel the Uncorporette

Welcome, Uncorporette!

You’re here because you want a business that sustains you - and is sustainable - day after day, year after year.

You want to love what you do, feel nourished while you do it, and create the financial flow you desire.

You’re here because you want to feel free - not shackled.

But you’re not really sure how to get there.

You CAN start a business that can’t fail.

But - more importantly - you can do it without burning out.


Here’s what we’re shifting at The Uncorporette...

The Old Paradigm:

Solo Speed

  • Hustle to hit a “goal” (then hit the floor exhausted)
  • Isolation & overwhelm (why am I the only one failing?)
  • The never-ending “Hamster Wheel”
  • Fear & trigger-based marketing
  • One-size-fits-all (do what everyone else is doing to succeed)

The New Paradigm:

Aligned Sustainability

  • Organic growth & powerful momentum
  • Support & Community (we’re growing together)
  • Cycles of intensity and rest
  • Love-based, authentic marketing
  • Aligned strategy (what’s right for you?)


Are you “Uncorporette”?

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Hi friend, I’m Rachel Loewenherz,

“The Uncorporette”

I’m a business strategist & “wisdom advisor”, on a mission to change the world.

How? By helping you build your business in a new paradigm - without the burnout - and feel abundant, alive, and authentic while doing it.

An Ivy League grad & tech marketing powerhouse, I thought I’d climb the corporate ladder forever - until I became a mom. I quickly realized the corporate world wouldn’t give me what I needed - more financial flow, purpose, & time with my family - so I decided to become “Uncorporette”.

Now, I’m sharing all my business & sustainability secrets - from 12+ years as a corporate business leader, CEO of 2 startups, and practitioner of earth & feminine wisdom.

And in 2021? I’m building an elevated circle of leaders & lightworkers...are you one of them?

Business Without Burnout

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The EXACT Method I use to grow my business while feeling energized, authentic & sustained (it’s how I made $13,500 my first month in biz.)

 This will not only change your business, it’ll profoundly change your life (and the way you feel living it).

Join us for a week of free coaching and deep insight...and walk away with your very own “Bulletproof” Business Plan!

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What is it like to work with Rachel?


"I made more progress with Rachel / TBB in three months than I did with other programs in the entire YEAR prior to that. I made the investment back in 5 weeks, had quantum leaps in mindset and focus, and had amazing support from Rachel / TBB community to take my business to the next level. All while working full time, with a 2 year old."

Kaisa K, Passion Kickstarter

Here’s what our community says being “Uncorporette” means to them:

  • Creating ABUNDANCE on my terms
  • Embody my true, AUTHENTIC self
  • Design a life that SUSTAINS
  • Feel completely in ALIGNMENT
  • Supported by deep CONNECTION
  • FREE to think and be DIFFERENT
  • BLAZE my own trail
  • NEVER burn out!
  • LIVE my passions

Join our Free Online Community

We are high-vibration, “conscious” entrepreneurs building businesses in alignment with who we are - so that we love life while creating abundance.

I’m there for you every day - sharing my “secret sauce” from 12+ years as a business leader in the corporate, startup & entrepreneurial worlds, and deep study of the feminine & earth wisdom traditions.

You’ll learn cutting-edge business strategy plus the intuitive tools to decide what’s right for you - alongside a community committed to growing together.


At The Uncorporette, we believe businesses succeed on 3 pillars

Aligned Strategy

A business must create abundance - and we do that by combining purpose with principles (i.e. your mission + the business & marketing strategy that’s right for you)


Intuitive Sustainability

We root ourselves in earth wisdom, to stay in alignment with ourselves & our planet. This allows us to run businesses that sustain us, and are sustainable - day after day, year after year.

Elevated Community

Successful entrepreneurs elevate themselves, and the collective consciousness. To do this, we must be leaders and receivers - leading the change we wish to see, and receiving deep support & connection while doing so.


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Meet Our Team

Rachel, CEO

The “north star” of The Uncorporette, Rachel is our guiding light for business strategy, authentic marketing, and deep intuitive wisdom & transformation.

Chelsea, Copywriter

Chelsea’s secret sauce is crafting an authentic, Essence-based brand voice - and bringing that to life through marketing...that’s actually fun :)

Tina, Marketing Intern

When she’s not playing soccer at Yale (Rachel’s alma mater), Tina keeps the lights on at The Uncorporette, and engineers our social presence.